unisa application status referred for enrolment

By | December 19, 2020

unisa application status referred for enrolment

unisa application status referred for enrolment

unisa application status referred for enrolment

The University of South Africa status referred for enrolment meaning is qualification an applicant applied for, is over done.  The applications for that specific qualification are processed, it will be questioned to a ranking. Students will get information of the outcome.

How an applicant can check an application status

Below are the steps for that.

  • Step 1: Kindly move to https://myadmin.unisa.ac.za/unisa-studentstatus/default.do and check or change your contact information.
  • Step 2: Note that you will be asked to enter your student number that was given to you when you applied.
  • Step 3: Please enter your Surname(s)/Last name(s)
  • Step 4: After that you enter your First name(s)/Forename(s)
  • Step 5: Please Select your Date of Birth
  • Step 6: And click on continue to track or check your application. When you are done, the page will be able to open for you to see the status of your application for admission in 2021-2022 academic year.

Unisa website (http://www.unisa.ac.za

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unisa application status referred for enrolment

unisa application status referred for enrolmentunisa application status referred for enrolment

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