Rhodes Application form 2024-2025

By | March 17, 2023

Rhodes Application form 2024-2025

Rhodes Application form 2024-2025

Rhodes Application form 2024-2025

If applicants wish to be considered for the scholarship, they are required to fill out the extensive application for the Rhodes Scholarship. By clicking the “Apply” button, the form can be accessed on the official Rhodes Scholarship website.

Each of the sections on the application form must be filled out completely. Some of these sections are:

  • Information about oneself: Candidates are required to provide fundamental personal information in this section, such as their name, birth date, contact information, and nationality.
    Academic Details: Candidates are required to detail their academic credentials in this section, including, if applicable, their undergraduate and graduate degrees, GPA, academic accomplishments, and any relevant publications.
    Activities Outside of School: Candidates are required to describe their participation in extracurricular activities, such as sports, the arts, community service, and leadership roles, in this section.
    Statement of Interest: This part expects candidates to compose an individual assertion framing their intellectual and individual accomplishments, their objectives and desires, and why they accept they would be ideal for the Rhodes Grant.
    Letters of Suggestion: At least five letters of recommendation from people who can attest to the applicant’s academic and personal qualities are required.
    Proposed Academic Program: Applicants are required to provide an outline of the course of study they intend to pursue at Oxford University as well as an explanation of why they believe this course is the best match for their academic and personal objectives in this section.
    Information about finances: Any funding they have or are applying for, as well as any outstanding debts or financial obligations, must be provided by applicants in detail.

Rhodes Scholarship Application Form Website Links:

  • The official Rhodes Scholarship website is where you can find the application form. The application form is filled out in great detail on the website, along with advice on how to write a strong personal statement and get strong letters of recommendation.

Here are the links to the Rhodes Scholarship application form and website:

The cost of tuition (estimate)

  • R32 120 to R55 770 (this varies from degree to degree)
  • Books and stationery should cost no more than R6 050.
  • Please be aware that travel expenses and gratuities are not included in these costs.


Rhodes University Online Application (RU) 2024/2025 Contact Us
PO Box 94
Makhanda (Grahamstown) 6140
Eastern Cape, South Africa
+27 46 603 8111
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