CPUT Financial Aid & Funding Section 2024-2025

By | March 22, 2023

CPUT Financial Aid & Funding Section 2024-2025

CPUT Financial Aid & Funding Section 2024-2025

CPUT Financial Aid & Funding Section 2024-2025

Many students who want to achieve their academic goals face significant obstacles due to the high cost of higher education. Luckily, Cape Landmass College of Innovation (CPUT) offers a scope of monetary guide and financing choices to assist qualified understudies with dealing with the expense of their examinations.

Students who need help paying for their tuition and other related costs can get help and advice from CPUT’s Financial Aid and Funding Section. For the 2024-2025 academic year, students have a few options for funding and financial assistance:

  • The National Student Aid Program (NSFAS): The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a government-funded program that helps eligible South African students pay for their housing, tuition, and other related costs. Online applications for NSFAS funding are available to students, and the process typically begins in August or September of the previous year.
    Scholarships and Awards from the CPUT: Based on academic merit, financial need, or other criteria, CPUT provides a variety of bursaries and scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships and bursaries might pay for housing, textbooks, tuition, and other related costs. Through the CPUT website or their respective faculties, students can apply for these opportunities.
    Bursaries for the Private Sector: Individuals, private businesses, and organizations may also provide CPUT students who meet specific eligibility requirements with bursaries or scholarships. Students are advised to regularly check the CPUT website or other channels for announcements of these opportunities.
    Loans for College: To pay for their tuition and other related costs, CPUT students may also apply for student loans from commercial banks or other financial institutions. Be that as it may, understudies are encouraged to painstakingly consider the agreements of these credits prior to applying, as they might bring about extra expenses and interest charges.

Notwithstanding these monetary guide and subsidizing choices, the Monetary Guide and Subsidizing Segment at CPUT likewise gives exhortation and backing to understudies on dealing with their funds, planning, and other related issues. They can also help students apply for funding opportunities or financial aid, as well as show them how to get to other sources of financial support.

In general, the CPUT Financial Aid and Funding Section plays a crucial role in ensuring that students who meet the eligibility requirements have access to the financial resources they need to achieve their academic objectives. CPUT is committed to making higher education accessible to all students, regardless of their financial circumstances, by providing a variety of financial aid and funding options, guidance, and support.

Contact us

  • Students studying at Bellville, Tygerberg and Groote Schuur
  • The Financial Aid Office is located on the ground floor of the Bellville Campus Library Extension.
  • NSFASTel: +27 21 959 6349/ 959 6594/ 959 6495
  • University Administered Awards Tel: +27 21 959 6253
  • Nominated Awards Tel: +27 21 959 6493 / 959 6578

Students studying at Cape Town,Mowbray, Granger Bay and Wellington

  • The Financial Aid Office is on Level 5 of the Administration Building on the Cape Town Campus.
  • Please contact Tel: +27 21 460 3918/ 460 3327/ 460 3856/ 460 3744

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